What if your kid…

I’ve come to the conclusion that nearly every time a parent defends their kid it is complete and utter bullshit. A reprehensible behavior that dismantles all fairness and logic under the guise of love for the individual. The most popular scene from my old neighborhood is the one where a crying mother is in the midst of a hand-to-hand battle with police as they snatch away her son after raiding her house. The son of course will have been living in the basement and the police will have found drugs and money in every crevice of the building– including his little sister’s bedroom–which is also where they’ll find the gun he used to kill several people that is also conveniently linked to a stray bullet that hit a middle school kid in some playground. Well okay, that’s like worst case scenario, but you get the picture.

While people tend to publicly condemn the actions of the son in cases like that, there is still more acceptance than I can bear of the mother defending the kid.

And then there was the father who defended his son after the foul creature was physically apprehended raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford. Of a vastly different socioeconomic class than the aforementioned scenario, and completely different crime. Disgusting of course, even more reprehensible in my view. But it was still pretty easy to find people who understand the father’s point of view.

Before I had any children, people used to say “wait till you have kids, you won’t judge those parents so harshly.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, that moment is here, and fuck. that. Thing is, I’ve also gotten to know many more adults by this point and I’ve begun to accept their feeble level of social development and sense of responsibility as a direct consequence to the fact that their parents would actually be on their side if they raped or killed someone.

Even strict parents fall prey to the nonsense. I’ve seen youngbuls get their asses straight wooped in front of the entire neighborhood for talking back, or fighting in school, but let someone else be astute enough to realize that they’re behaving like a piece of shit and the parents are not trying to hear it. In fact, parents will physically fight each other over blaming a kid for their own actions, or with teachers just to claim that their child is an angel, deserving of every second chance ever invented.

So I must be evil.

The minute that I saw what this kid’s father said about him raping an unconscious girl behind a dumpster, that his sentence was “a steep price to pay for only twenty minutes of action,” I could not speak to anyone about it because I knew exactly what they would say. And eventually they did, they’d say that I would sympathize with my kid if he was to rape someone.

Well, there might be sympathy yes, after I twisted his head off with my bare hands, if at that point he was still breathing. I might feel bad.

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