Chic-Fil-A milkshakes are delicious. Unfortunately, the chain, or more accurately the COO has made it clear that he does not consider members of the gay community to be people like him, for doing so would be inviting God’s judgement on the nation…

(I naively stopped enjoying those milkshakes for a while back when the event happened without considering the following commentary)

Which I found quite ironic since nearly every employee at the Chic-Fil-A near me is gay. And they make really good milkshakes. Thing is, one Chic-Fil-A location showed up to on a Sunday–the lord’s day–in order to feed people who were donating blood after our most recent mass shooting (not counting the ones that are likely happening as I type this). The media ate this up because the attack affected primarily gay Americans and allies, some say giving a pass to Chic-Fil-A’s previous judgements of the gay community. Chic-Fil-A was basically being hailed for their new found tolerance, but there was a little missing from the equation.

To start, the COO is the one who made negative comments about homosexuality a few years ago, not every single entry level employee or manager. And sure, Chic-Fil-A was invested in anti-gay groups like PFI, but again still not something the base of employees have anything to do with. For every unskilled labor job I’ve worked at, not once have I given any fucks about what the company’s investment or political interests were. Nor do I think any of my co-workers considered it. We just work the grueling,shitty hours for increasingly shitty pay, shittier benefits and less time off because for so many of us, there really is no other option.


The next ridiculously shitty thing is that gay men can’t donate blood. Well, technically they can but only if they haven’t had sex for a year, so basically they can’t because how many of us would purposely not have sex for a year if given the choice? Is the expectation to just sit around and dream of one day donating blood? I mean odds are there will be another mass shooting in which large amounts of blood will be needed in a years time, but what if it’s not in your home city? Then what? You might be so stressed that you’d have to get laid and then start all the way over. Too many variables. It’s kind of crazy that the FDA still sees all gay dudes as the Canadian guy from “And The Band Played On.” I know plenty of straight dudes who have, and still do have sex with troves of women unprotected. Is their blood likely to be cleaner than a married gay man? Allegedly congress is drafting a bill (and what the hell does a bill do anyways? Who knows Billy. Who knows.) that will begin correcting these barriers to gay male blood donors. It will undoubtedly contain pages and pages of other shit that has nothing to do with the problem and everything to do with lining political pockets, but hey that’s how we do things here.

The other thing is that if we are to consider Chic-Fil-A anti-gay as a whole and accept the COO’s opinion as representative of everyone who works there, what would their move mean? Clearly the organization would be in line with promoting the consistent inhuman treatment of the gay community–along with western monotheism–that ensures an excess of violent acts towards homosexuals. I’ve been bombarded though, with how great of a move it was for Chic-Fil-A to get out on a Sunday like many others have been doing forever. The media representation seems to claim that it clears the slate, sets the record straight with the Chic-Fil-A brand and the gay community. But I don’t think it would…

I’ve never been pleased by the mere “tolerance” model. And delivering food after a massacre to a community that you don’t consider to be people doesn’t mean you now consider them to be people. Again, this is going with a media assumption that Chic-Fil-A as a whole has beef with gay people. Handing out some of those delicious milkshakes (god I love those milkshakes) would be a basic act of decency after such an event, not necessarily correcting a deleterious worldview that contributes to such events. People feed goldfish, ducks and squirrels at the park but don’t consider them as respectable as people. Slave masters fed slaves, hospital employees fee belligerent patients and people water their plants. But that all seems to swerve around the depth of believing that someone is inferior based solely on their sexuality. I think it only bothers me because in the mainstream the actions will be seen as some great philosophical evolution of a company that has newly discovered morality, like a republican with a gay nephew. But really there can be no monolithic moral stance for the entire company (at least the majority of it, workers on the ground who actually do the things like make those bomb ass milkshakes) since it’s too diverse. And even if there was, if Chic-Fil-A the corporation was a person, skirting around the issue with mild benevolence instead admitting to a morally bankrupt worldview is simply promoting more disdain for the gay community, as long as it’s done with a coke and a smile.

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