Luke Cage Got People in They Feelings

I haven’t finished it yet, but the most important thing I’d like to know about Luke Cage is when the fuck he’s gonna finish reading Invisible Man. It’s not that long son. I definitely appreciate the shout outs/not so subtle plugs to all the black intellectuals throughout the show, but you’ve been sliding that same novel into your gym bag a little too long, which brings me to the next point.

Luke, where are you going with said Gym Bag? I mean, several episodes in, you were spotted jogging through Harlem and then claimed that what you do is closer to crossfit, but isn’t that a little redundant? I mean, you were already swole from day one and all you were doing was washing dishes and sweeping up hair. Add to that the complication that you’re a meta-human with super strength whose skin deflects bullets and I find it strange that you’d have a Planet Fitness membership or whatever. Not to compare, but is Superman out there gettin his Billy Blanks on? No. Clark has a job, shit you had two, and there are some legit reasons why you’re no longer employed, which reminds me, fuck you gonna do about it?

This nigga Cottonmouth done fired you, got Pop’s shop shot up trying to murder a child, then he blew up the building you live in while you and Connie were bonding over some Beef Lo Mein. What are your limits son? I understand you’re a respectable black man, but you’ve been whoopin ass all across Harlem, and then you go in this nigga Cottonmouth’s lair too scared to lay hands on him? For why? You know whatever happens you’re gonna get blamed for it anyway. Couldn’t you at least slap him? That nigga blew up an entire building in the middle of Harlem with a rocket launcher, you think you’re gonna negotiate? Word? You’ve got bigger things to worry about than niggas calling you nigga, which, in my opinion, should happen more often.

The music is dope though, murdered that.

I gotta agree with Damon from VSB on that acting though, Luke’s whole presence reminds me of Plank from Ed Edd and Eddy. A bigger issue for me, even though I’ve never read the Luke Cage comics is just the paper thin plot and lack of brainpower in the characters. I remember Mark Bould said in “The Ships Landed Long Ago: Afrouturism and Black SF” that Cage was often upset at himself for “betraying his intelligence,” and I’m just sad I don’t see any reflection of that riding along with the champion of the black male stereotype. It could just be me though, and high ass expectations for a T.V. show in general. I’m told by Aisha that automaton characters and naked plots are par for the television course, I’ve just been out of the loop. Maybe I just need to look harder for smart black narratives, which is another point.
The thing that doesn’t bother me about Luke Cage though is the lack of white people in it. White people. I should have called it but was struck dumb by the notion  that it’s “racist” to have a show about a character who was originally black, living in Harlem, played by mostly black actors. Word? White folks be so hype over “Seinfeld” and “Girls” and “It’s Always Sunny” and the Oscars and blaxploitation films and playing black characters in blackface that the strength of this cognitive dissonance is terrifying. Erasing color from the public eye is what white folks do. Then you tried to bring one black dude on “Girls,” Donald Glover, as the token republican negro, who clearly hated himself as evidenced by his dating Lena Dunham. All I’m saying is, go ahead and prowl around Philly with Charlie and them like we don’t live here, but don’t act brand new when you can’t be found in Harlem. What’s next, you gonna be mad at the lack of white representation as field hands in “Birth of a Nation?”

2 thoughts on “Luke Cage Got People in They Feelings

  1. Spot on review…but can we also talk about the time warp Harlem seems to be stuck in. Dafuq is the “Shades” nigga??? Like really? The portrait of black women is just disappointing. I’m struck by the fact that niggas keep trying to shoot Super Nigga even though he’s bulletproof😥. This show had sooo much potential.


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