I Guess We Gotta Vote Tomorrow

For me, much of this whole thing is about the regular placement of taxation, economy and the expansion of an American empire above basic human rights and social well-being. Every conversation that I’ve had with an evolved Trump voter, or most pre-Trump republicans freezes there. They try to appeal to me with shit like “but Joseph, think of how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and have options. You gonna give up everything for those people?” And somehow, that’s supposed to implicate our common enemy: the poor, gay people, immigrants, women, colored people (which whites tend to think is synonymous with poor/ghetto). The claim posits that inconveniences like higher taxes or lost boasting rights about economic growth can be equated to re-locating one’s entire family for physical safety, or the ability to marry someone you love, or being assaulted, raped or killed with impunity.

The sad part is that we’ve accepted that as a legitimate political position. While one candidate flails around grabbing pussies and threatening or demeaning anyone who isn’t a well-to-do straight white man, we take his bid for the presidency seriously. I’m expected to prove this man’s positions wrong? We feel the need to give equal time and respect to lunacy and bigotry, so that presidential debates–places where no issue I care about is brought up anyway–are literally turned into bragging about dick size. Word? That shit became immature when I was sixteen.

Now we’ve gone and further normalized sexual assault and racism by comparing them to personal email usage.

Everything that comrade orange says is some combination of impossible, untrue and blatantly evil. Yet, half the country is all about him. It only takes one threat of violating or setting back human rights to eliminate a candidate from my purview. For others, it might take more, a lot more. Even white friends I’m close to have said shit like “I looked on his website and he has some decent policies.” Really bruh? I think, but what about the racist housing policies and wall building? And though people have said this, just imagine if you can, what would happen if a non-white or woman presidential candidate behaved that way. Shit, Obama kissed white ass for eight years and they still hate him.

It seems to me that a profound level of selfishness, one previously unimagined by the optimistic American public, is necessary to align oneself with team tangerine. Sure, everyone hates Hillary, some for legit reasons, some because she has a vagina. But I don’t dislike her anymore than I dislike damn near every other politician. Those who want to dismantle the status quo by voting outside of the human species are either disillusioned or just lazy to think that’s enough, those who just refuse to vote Hillary and want to vote for third party crystals or incense and voodoo dolls are idealistic or looney, those who are voting Trump because they’re afraid of losing their stuff in all its material glory can afford to grow emotionally, and those who are aligned with him based on common enemies, fuck you. We’ve been too nice to you people as it is.

I mean, Clinton got in trouble for claiming that many of Trump’s supporters are motivated by some form of bigotry. Deplorables. Some white dudes that people confide in about race in America claimed that she was extreme. To those on the margins, this election has only exposed the truths of our collective woes to naive liberal whites. Half the country is as far from progressive as abortion clinics are from women who need them in Texas.

It’s funny though because I’m not even conventionally nice. I don’t get sad when people die (children excluded), I make all manner of jokes about suicide and murder and war, I’m a ridiculously strict and harsh parent who is painfully judgemental of everything from the books people read to the manner in which they eat and I too, like my stuff. But I still find it ridiculous to consider my own comfort above anyone else’s basic rights.  

Sometimes I’m just tired of respecting people’s unwarranted fear of losing their money, their power. The same people who have never been without power or money and have no idea how far they’d truly have to fall in order to deal with the same social circumstances of those they condemn.

Every time these people speak I think, what the fuck is wrong with you? And maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe my unwillingness to see brutish ignorance as a legitimate position places limits on the formation of a collective human bond. Oh well.

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