I follow the news sometimes, but…

People stay out here preaching tolerance like it’s the holy grail and the white people who are anti-fascist, anti-trump, anti-white supremacy, and anti-nazi–a designation that I still have problems with because we’ve never needed to scan across time and space, or an entire ocean to discover bigotry, though it’s clearly easier than examining a mirror, we don’t need to keep going back to this point and this point only, eighty plus years ago, but we do because white people can only remember something bad that happened to people who look like them, who have since then become officially white, no coincidence then that this anti-nazi battle cry, with it’s ability to maintain peak Whiteness while simultaneously decrying bigotry even exists, and with its sentiment drenched, reeking even, in the hypermasculinity of war porn and punch a Nazi memes it’s no wonder that we need it in this country. All I really see when typically silent ass wypipo are suddenly all anti-nazi is their continued lack of moral courage, the sudden fear for their own physical safety, hiding behind the political convenience of being anti-nazi, in which case you still get to be pro war and pro male and anti-black as much as you’d like, All-American.

Looking at all these silly ass politicians too, especially these republicans asking Trump to say something. Oh shut the hell up, tryna toss dead skin in the game at the eleventh hour, in overtime, with three seconds on the clock. Fuck outta here.

I’m also mega-disinterested in aspirational tolerance as both goal and virtue and I wish no one would ever say a single thing about it ever again. I am interested though in discussing the silent violence and lack of self reflection by the wypipo that has propagated, and will continue to propagate such demonstrations. It’s not necessarily impressive to point to the bad guys/nazis now, when there happens to be a clear group of angry, violent–never mind racist–strangers in your town carrying torches and swastika emblazoned flags.

Impressive would be de-centering yourselves, for fucking once.

Go home and lay waste to every racist inch of your parents and grandparents and friends and boyfriends and girlfriends and yourselves. Get uncomfortable instead of looking for easy reasons to be proud of yourself. Burn the bridges that need to be burned and build ones with people who ain’t like you. Who might need you. You might discover that you needed them too.

Read some books recommended by those people who ain’t like you.

Either that, or just stop pretending to be “down,” stop trying to vibe with oppressed peoples and talk about “the struggle.” Stop trying to teach other people about the shape of their struggles before you’ve even done any of the work yourself.  I promise you’ll still be just fine.

Stop being obsessed with the whole “how can they be patriots and render Nazi salutes,” and blah blah. Because wypipo have been practicing cognitive dissonance forever and ever, especially in regards to racial violence and this is no different. Have you ever been in an interracial relationship? How do racist Whites have Black friends? How come the Loving Day ain’t changing the world? How did so many slave owners have Black kids? I just don’t understand the astonishment. Where is the surprise? Why the think pieces? Anti-Blackness > everything, intellectually, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, always.

2 thoughts on “I follow the news sometimes, but…

  1. You got a good beat here… a rhythm that was beautiful and at the same time commanded attention. Best line ever: read books recommend by the people who ain’t like you! Love that line…


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