Eight Great Adaptations in No Particular Order

The films/shows in this list are near and dear to my heart and therefore the #facts of their greatness cannot be refuted in any way, shape or form. Fight me.

  1. Let Me In/Let the Right One In: Mad respect to the novel and both films. I’ll admit though, I’m already predisposed to love little girl vampires, and I completely sympathize with every iteration of her caretakers.
  2. The Girl With All the Gifts: A little black girl vampire destroys human civilization so that she and her people can live. Enough said.
  3. Arrival: Adapted from Ted Chiang’s “The Story of Your Life” novella, in the collection “Stories of your Life and Others.” It’s one of the most intellectually stimulating alien encounter films out there, and, while it does deal with the annoyingly cliche human militarism, that garbage becomes the background as a linguist and physicist piece together a complex understanding of the alien’s language and purpose. I’d also like to see another Ted Chiang story, “The Water that Falls on You From Nowhere,” get an adaptation.
  4. Interview With A Vampire/Queen of the Damned: Vampires–>Intense longing/loneliness–>The soundtrack–Aliyah.
  5. I Love Dick: Every character in this show is more layered than most of the people I meet in real life. It’s feminist, it’s queer, it’s intentionally problematic, it’s funny, and it makes you think a lot about art and desire in every episode.
  6. The 100: I think this is the best post-apocalyptic show out there. Strong, complicated queer female characters (god I miss you so much Lexa XOXO), regular intervals of complex hurdles for the characters to overcome, and a persistently uncomfortable lack of certainty in all of it. For example, there are plenty of things that Bellamy and Lexa and Clarke have done that I completely disagree with, but would have probably done too and it only intensifies my love for them. Currently have beef with Bellamy but that’s a different thing.
  7. Game Of Thrones: Fine, I admit it.
  8. The Fifth Season: Now I know this hasn’t dropped yet, but that’s not the point. Even if this show is as bad as “The Magicians” adaptation, I am still going to love it unconditionally, unless they do some dumb shit like have Jayden Smith playing Hoa or whatever.


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