A Wolves’ History of Yellowstone Park: 1915 to Present (draft)


The U.S. government was dedicated to combatting super predators since the early 1900s, before Hillary Clinton was born. White men decimated the Gray Wolf population in Yellowstone Park. Shot this many specifically:

“Several” in 1915  

14 in 1916

4 in 1917

36 in 1918

6 in 1919

28 in 1920

12 in 1921

24 in 1922

8  in 1923

But no one knows

how many

humans police officers shoot each year.

In 1926, the last official wolf killing took place when park rangers killed two lone pups near Soda Butte Creek. The wolves were bused out to early graves and Yellowstone suffered.  The Elk population grew wildly, decimating vegetation and eroding soil. In 1929 a scientist called the conditions, “deplorable.”

So the Elk were slaughtered.

Yellowstone gasped for breath until the wolves were brought back. Then the vegetation returned, songbirds nested and ravens and bald eagles flew; rabbits and mice hopped and scurried and hawks and foxes followed suit. Bears came to kick it. Muskrats and badgers too. Beavers built dams for ducks and fish and the park, the world, and everything, was better than new.

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